Recovering joystick in Sony Ericsson K790i

Often, repair phones come with a detached joysticks with tracks on the board. This article describes how to restore torn joystick in your phone Sony Ericsson K790i.

Using a telephone with a torn joystick is not very pleasant. Let's try to restore it. On board the phone is no longer tracks that you want to sweat the joystick. We will glue "superglue" and pasting the joystick to the phone.

Take the copper wires, and use it to restore the track.

The result of recovery seen in the figure below.

After the application of this method of restoring the joystick when used according to last more than one year.

But if the owner of the phone managed to pull the joystick to the factory (the factory solder), then the new stick will last not so long when carelessly handling.