Replacement joystick in a mobile phone. The instruction

In this article I will tell about my method of replacement joystick in a mobile phone on phone SonyEricsson K320 example. But this method of replacement approaches and for other models and other manufacturers of mobile phones.

The easiest and the most dangerous way of replacement joystick is a heating by its hot air by means of air soldering station, and removal joystick by means of tweezers. But after such procedure there is a small chance that because of payment heating connections of paths in a payment, or slipnutsja spheres of the microcircuits located on other party of a payment will be broken.

Today I will tell about the most safe method of replacement joystick, and at the same o'clock this method does not demand a lot of time. At achievement of certain skill, it is possible joystick to change and for 5 minutes.

So. We will begin.

joystick it will be necessary for replacement for us: a soldering iron (it is desirable earthed), flat-nose pliers, the disposable razor, a needle.

From the disposable razor we take an edge, and it is cut off it, as is shown in drawing.

1. We assort phone, and we take phone payment.

2. We heat up each conclusion joystick (six conclusions), and it is cut the fused tin by an edge.

3. Two lateral petals also we heat up a soldering iron, and it is simultaneously accurately removed by means of a needle, as is shown in drawing.

4. We are convinced that all of us deduce joystick cut, and have unbent two petals. By means of flat-nose pliers a circular motion we braid joystick.

Here that we have as a result.

5. We solder new joystick.

6. We collect phone. Also we rejoice worker joystick.

P.S. Very important. For opening of the case of phone to use only the tool intended for dismantling (usually shestigranniki).